Diversity in Biomedical Research

Like other fields, biomedical research is enriched by diversity. Innovation thrives when people with different viewpoints, backgrounds, and skills contribute to an organization or attempt to solve a problem. The really thorny questions that biomedical science seeks to answer–like how cancer cells metastasize, or why some neurons degenerate–require collaboration with researchers from a variety of… Read More

Meet New York State’s Newest Doctors: Maurice Selby

My name is Maurice Selby and I am a tried and tested New Yorker as I have lived in every borough of New York City. A product of the New York City public school system, I attended the City College of New York for my undergraduate education and I recently graduated from the SUNY Downstate… Read More

Meet New York State’s Newest Doctors: Jennifer Yerke

Jennifer Yerke, MD ’12 a native of Hamburg, N.Y., has known since medical school that she wanted to stay and practice in Western New York. Now, as a first-year resident in family medicine, she is more sure than ever. “Growing up in the area, I’ve always loved it. I’ve never really gone far away because… Read More

Meet New York State’s Newest Doctors: Kyra Bernstein

In the life of a medical student, time is rare and stress abundant. Kyra Bernstein knows this perhaps better than anyone. In addition to her studies, she shares responsibility for two children—4-year-old Nelly and 1-year-old Jonah—with her husband, Dov Sebrow, a second-year ophthalmology resident at Columbia. Though the New York City native is what she… Read More

Meet New York State’s Newest Doctors: Daniel Harris

Age: 27 years oldHometown: Wellsville, NYCurrent city: Syracuse, NY Why did you choose to stay in New York? Staying in NY – I made staying in NY my top choice for residency. You might say “”location is everything”” for me, but more specifically “”I have to be near friends and family!”” Coming back to Syracuse… Read More

Meet New York State's Newest Doctors: Nivia Acosta

Age: 25Current City: Bronx, NY Why did you choose to stay in New York? I was born in the city but grew up in Maryland. My family remained very attached to New York and we visited often. I’ve always identified with New York City and knew I would feel at home here. After attending medical… Read More