Meet New York State's Newest Doctors: Nivia Acosta

Age: 25
Current City: Bronx, NY

  • Why did you choose to stay in New York?
    • I was born in the city but grew up in Maryland. My family remained very attached to New York and we visited often. I’ve always identified with New York City and knew I would feel at home here. After attending medical school in the Bronx, I knew that the heart and soul, grit and grime, and the hustle and bustle of this melting pot made New York the perfect place to complete my residency training.
  • Why did you choose to serve in an underserved area?
    • Attending medical school in the Bronx has been an amazing experience. I feel very privileged and honored to work with this culturally and medically diverse population and to learn from them, and along side them. I’m constantly amazed by their life experiences, insight, and values. The Bronx is one poorest and sickest areas in the United States, and has a very high percentage of Hispanic patients, so I thought it would be the perfect place for me to train. I felt that every minute of my work could mean more if I gave those minutes in the Bronx.
  • Why did you choose OB/GYN as your specialty?
    • I was always interested in a surgical specialty but I craved the personal connections that are afforded by non-surgical specialties. Ob/Gyn seemed like a great fit before I started my 3rd year clerkship. Once I did the rotation, I was awed by the relationships forged between an Ob/Gyn and her patients and colleagues. I will be able to follow a patient through many stages of her life, and be with her during some of her most memorable moments, both good and bad, all the while helping her learn about and understand her own body. Plus, there are usually great snacks around Labor and Delivery.

Editor’s note: Dr. Acosta received the Medical Society of the State of New York Community Service Award this year. This award is designed to recognize a graduating student for their time and effort given selflessly, whether related or unrelated to the field of medicine. The student must be completing graduate medical education (residency) in New York.