Biomedical Research at the Medical Schools

New York State is a global leader in biomedical research

With more medical schools than any other state in the nation, as well as other major research institutions, New York is advancing new discoveries, developing new diagnostics and treatments, and launching startup companies based on new cures and technologies. In 2019, NIH funded 5,681 projects in New York State, totaling $2.89 billion; 68% of which supported research at our medical schools. These funds are instrumental in driving both discoveries and economic activity in our state.

Biomedical research is a major economic driver.

Research contributes $7.5 billion annually to New York State’s economy and accounts for some of the best paying jobs in the state, with salaries averaging more than $80,000 . Our research institutions and life sciences companies secure around $2 billion annually in grant funding from the National Institutes of Health, as well as other significant awards from the National Science Foundation and through private philanthropy. The discoveries that result from public and private funds are leveraged to launch startup companies across the state, generating further economic activity and creating more high-skilled jobs.
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Scientific discoveries at the medical schools lead directly to new cures.

Research conducted at New York State’s medical schools has led to significant advances in our understanding and treatment of cancer, diabetes, neurological diseases, heart disease and other major conditions that affect peoples’ health and well-being. This research also gives New Yorkers access to cutting-edge treatments through clinical trials.

Breakthrough cures developed by scientists at New York’s medical schools include the first successful pediatric heart transplant (Columbia University), the first widely-used vaccine for bacterial pneumonia (SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University), the most commonly prescribed drug for the treatment of multiple sclerosis (University at Buffalo) and the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine (University of Rochester).
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Investment in biomedical research yields significant returns.

By some estimates, every dollar invested in biomedical research leads to an additional $7.00 in economic activity.


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