Diversity in Medicine

We need more doctors from diverse backgrounds.

Underrepresented minorities (Blacks/African Americans & Hispanics/Latinos) make up approximately 31.1% of New York’s population but only 12.1% of the state’s physician workforce.
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A diverse physician workforce reduces health-care disparities and improves outcomes.

Physicians from racial and ethnic backgrounds typically underrepresented in medicine are significantly more likely to practice primary care, practice in impoverished areas or practice in areas federally designated as medically underserved. They also provide patients from similar backgrounds, and those who speak the same language, with longer visits, increased patient satisfaction, and increased adherence to treatment.

Barriers prevent many individuals interested in becoming doctors from pursuing their dreams.

Too many students find the application process and financial commitment daunting.  And they lack access to someone who can help them understand and overcome the barriers.

AMSNY supports programs that are helping diversify the physician workforce.

Since 1985, AMSNY has supported programs that expand the pool of students choosing careers in medicine and healthcare. Funded by the New York State Departments of Health and Education, these programs provide academic enrichment and support to students from educationally and/or economically underserved backgrounds.

Just one program has enrolled nearly 500 students of which 93% went on to medical school.