Student Stories

“I was the first to go to college and will be the first physician in my family. I’m honored to represent Latina women in medicine, and wherever I end up I want to be able to inspire and serve the community I am in.”

What does Diversity in Medicine mean to you?

Hear what AMSNY Diversity in Medicine post-baccalaureate students have to say about the challenges faced prior to the program, their experiences in the post-bac, and their goals in becoming physicians and advocates for their communities.


“As a minority in medicine, it is amazing to be part of a program where I am surrounded by individuals who are invested in my success.”


“The UB Post-Baccalaureate Program has given me the tools to not only represent myself in medicine, but also my future patients who will be looking to me as their advocate.”


“The UB Post-Baccalaureate Program gave me a strong network that I know I can rely on in medical school and beyond.”

Giving Back

“I want to give back and show the people I grew up with and the younger generation in my community that yes, we can be doctors.”