Jimmy Kimmel PSA Give Anti-Vaxxers The Business

Jimmy Kimmel invited actual doctors to tape “A Message for the Anti-Vaccine Movement.” The doctors in the video unleashed their frustration behind those who choose not to vaccinate their kids. Aside from the raw sentiments about the group of people believe they know more than science, the PSA also gave us a look into what… Read More

One to One with Sheryl McCarthy and Jo Wiederhorn

New York, with its remarkable range of health care facilities and options, still suffers from a shortage of doctors. An interesting cause of the shortage is that doctors are being poached-lured to other states offering higher salaries, more up-to-date facilities and funding for research. Jo Wiederhorn of the Associated Medical Schools of NYS is Sheryl’s… Read More

Medical research's fading state

New York has long been a global leader in biomedical research and development. Our state’s 16 medical schools contribute to that position by employing some of the most innovative, talented and prolific researchers in the field. In fact, New York is home to 26 Nobel Laureates in medicine and physiology. But now, our state’s standing… Read More

2015 Match Day at the NYS Medical Schools

Match Day is the time-honored event held at medical schools all across the country during which each graduating medical student learns where they will spend the next three to seven years of residency training. For each graduate, Match Day represents the culmination of their medical school education – the match ultimately determines the course of… Read More

Warning: Top Medical Researchers Leaving New York at Unhealthy Rates

Dr. Rudolph Leibel, a man who has won international acclaim for his study of how genes impact obesity and type-2 diabetes, is warning that New York isn’t doing enough to keep its most brilliant medical researchers in the state. Texas, California, Florida, Virginia, and Massachusetts are all investing heavily in poaching major researchers like Leibel… Read More

NY Med Schools Ask Legislature to Invest in Retention of Top Biomedical Researchers

Medical Schools in New York State are asking the legislature to include $50 million for faculty development in the state budget. University leadership calls the NYSTAR Faculty Development Program an investment needed to grow programs that will attract high-profile entrepreneurial biomedical researchers. Jo Wiederhorn, president of the Associated Medical Schools of New York – AMSNY-… Read More

AMSNY Diversity Lobby Day Student Testimonial: Citali Camacho

Citali Camacho is one of ten students who participated in this year’s AMSNY Diversity Lobby Day in Albany, NY on March 3rd. Citali is a high school student and aspiring physician who participated in Staten Island University’s Physician Career Enhancement Program this past summer under the tutelage of Dr. Marianne Smith. Citali believes that this… Read More

Precision Medicine: Why a New Approach is Needed

To Columbia systems biologist Andrea Califano, precision medicine is a way to make medical care more personalized and individualized. “We are starting to realize that perhaps the ‘one mold fits all’ is not the right approach,” says Dr. Califano, the Clyde’56 and Helen Wu Professor of Chemical Biology (in Biomedical Informatics and the Institute for… Read More

TouroCOM Opens New Pathways for Minorities: Jemima Akinsanya Launches COMPASS

In the spring of 2013, Jemima Akinsanya, then a first-year student at Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine (TouroCOM), was tutoring a local high school sophomore through MedAchieve, an after-school medical science enrichment program based in Harlem, when she had an insight. This young student was bright and ambitious; however, Akinsanya realized, perhaps she lacked a… Read More

Medical Schools Hope to Fare Better on State Research Money

The Associated Medical Schools of New York is renewing its request for the state to invest millions of dollars in the NYSTAR Faculty Development Program, an initiative that aims to recruit and retain biomedical researchers. Jo Wiederhorn, president and C.E.O. of the Associated Medical Schools of New York, a consortium of the state’s 16 public… Read More