Meet New York State’s Newest Doctors: Daniel Harris

Age: 27 years old
Hometown: Wellsville, NY
Current city: Syracuse, NY

  • Why did you choose to stay in New York?
    • Staying in NY – I made staying in NY my top choice for residency. You might say “”location is everything”” for me, but more specifically “”I have to be near friends and family!”” Coming back to Syracuse to train as a family physician puts me in a position to see the most important people in my life as much as possible. Being a doctor is busy – at least that’s what I have been told! Syracuse is within three hours of my hometown and both I-90 and 81 can take me right to a lot of my closest friends. Another essential benefit to training in NY is that I will learn the community resources and medical landscape in which I want to practice. I plan on practicing in NY and to make the biggest impact I believe I need to train here.
  • Why did you choose to serve in an underserved are?
    • Serving the underserved is built into a family medicine residency, so for now my choice to provide this service is equivalent to my choice to practice family medicine. In the future I will most likely be in a rural underserved part of NY. Therefore, the reason I want to serve an underserved area is because my area is underserved.
  • What speciality did you choose and why did you choose it?
    • My specialty will be family medicine. I needed a field to satisfy both my interests and my goal of bringing a useful talent to a rural community. Medical school is about trying on different disciplines for fit and I realized I wanted a possible future working with kids, the elderly, obstetrics, mental health, and families as wholes. That’s family medicine!