Small molecule synthetic peptide leptin mimetics cross the blood-brain barrier and improve energy balance, glycemic control, and cognitive function in mouse models of obesity and diabetes


Albany Medical College


Patricia Grasso, Ph.D., Professor
Department of Medicine/Department of Neuroscience & Experimental Therapeutics


The link between obesity, diabetes, and cognitive dysfunction is firmly established. Our small molecule synthetic peptide leptin mimetics have proven to be effective in regulating energy balance and glycemic control in genetically obese and diet-induced obese (DIO) mouse models. Current studies indicate that these mimetics may also be useful in slowing or preventing the progression of neurological dysfunction associated with insulin resistance in the brain.


Our data can be found in Peptides (2018, 2014, 2013), Brain Research (2017), Regulatory Peptides (2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2001, 1999), Diabetes (1999), Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism (2010), Endocrinology (2000,1997).