LivMD, a low-intensity vibration technique to improve bone health and healing


Stony Brook University School of Medicine


Created and developed by Clinton Rubin, PhD, of the Department of Biotechnology at Stony Brook Medicine


Low-intensity vibration has been found to exert a range of benefits for health and is associated with no adverse effects, making it a safe and effective adjunct treatment for a wide variety of conditions. Due to its low-impact, non-invasive nature, LivMD is ideal for: seniors (especially those who are frail and at risk of falls); people with mobility and flexibility issues; athletes and others rehabilitating after injury; people with chronic pain (including fibromyalgia and arthritis); those who find it difficult to exercise; anyone with brittle bones or bone health concerns; and people with neurovestibular disease and problems balancing.


LivMD is the result of almost three decades of research into the effects of low-intensity vibration by Dr. Rubin.