MONTEFIORE & BLOOMBERG INTELLIGENCE PRESENT: CLINICAL AND CARE POLICY DEVELOPMENTS IN ALZHEIMER’S AND RELATED DEMENTIAS World-Renowned Physician Scientists and Policy Experts on Aging to Lead Discussion on Alzheimer’s Diagnostics, Treatments and Government Initiatives Aimed at Advancing Care for the Aging Montefiore Health System and Bloomberg Intelligence will host a luncheon focusing on theoretical/hypothetical, clinical and… Read More

Accreditation of New Medical School at CUNY

Statement from Associated Medical Schools of New York (AMSNY) President Jo Wiederhorn about the Accreditation of New Medical School at CUNY Kudos to Governor Cuomo on his announcement today about a new medical school to be located at the CUNY City College (CCNY) campus in Harlem. CUNY School of Medicine at City College will help… Read More

Competency-Based Admissions: Numbers Alone Don’t Predict the Best Doctors

A few years ago, the Association of American Medical Colleges encouraged medical schools to adopt a holistic approach to admissions, the goal being the acceptance of students who might bring a different kind of intelligence to medicine beyond that which can be measured by the usual metrics of grades and MCAT scores. What is that… Read More

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NY Biomedical Researchers Call for Sustainable Sources of Funding

Without sustainable federal investment in medical research, innovation in the field will be stunted say academic leaders. Colleagues from across the country join in their appeal to Congress. New York med school administrators join 17 others in a recent open letter in the Journal Science Translational Medicine. The letter says unstable funding for biomedical research… Read More

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Inside Medicine: Meeting in the Middle

She calls them her “miracle men and women,” the Weill Cornell doctors who saved her from a stroke and figured out how to manage her recovery as she grappled with other, longstanding health issues. But Jennifer Harmon knew that her experience in the healthcare system had provided her with equally important wisdom – that of… Read More

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Inside Medicine at Weill Cornell: A Beautiful Scientific Marriage

Neuroscientist BJ Casey takes a decidedly maternal approach to mentoring the students and postdoctoral fellows in her lab, so watching them rotate through her lab is bittersweet. In the case of one mentee, Assistant Professor Conor Liston, Dr. Casey hasn’t had to say goodbye; Dr. Liston chose Weill Cornell for his M.D.-Ph.D. studies more than… Read More

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Inside Medicine at Weill Cornell: Solving Sarah’s Puzzle

When graduate student Sarah Bettigole approached Dr. Laurie H. Glimcher to work in her lab, she felt as though she were proposing marriage. The analogy made sense: In Dr. Glimcher, now the Stephen and Suzanne Weiss Dean of Weill Cornell Medical College, Dr. Bettigole saw her ideal, an experienced and wise mentor who modeled infinite… Read More

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Inside Medicine at Weill Cornell: Mentorship

At Weill Cornell Medical College, mentorship isn’t a luxury. The opportunity to learn from and collaborate with one’s colleagues and patients is intrinsic to the medical college’s culture, an essential ingredient of excellent healthcare, research and education. These relationships take many forms, formal and informal. But all are powerful, fostering nurturing and often long-term alliances… Read More

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Jimmy Kimmel PSA Give Anti-Vaxxers The Business

Jimmy Kimmel invited actual doctors to tape “A Message for the Anti-Vaccine Movement.” The doctors in the video unleashed their frustration behind those who choose not to vaccinate their kids. Aside from the raw sentiments about the group of people believe they know more than science, the PSA also gave us a look into what… Read More

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One to One with Sheryl McCarthy and Jo Wiederhorn

New York, with its remarkable range of health care facilities and options, still suffers from a shortage of doctors. An interesting cause of the shortage is that doctors are being poached-lured to other states offering higher salaries, more up-to-date facilities and funding for research. Jo Wiederhorn of the Associated Medical Schools of NYS is Sheryl’s… Read More

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