WABC Tiempo interview on Diversity in Medicine

Public Relations Committee” Violeta Contreras Ramirez just graduated top of her class from The City College of New York. The 23-year-old now spends her summer conducting brain research thanks to diversity in medicine programs. Learn more about her story here (3rd segment): Licence Cash Advance

WXXI News: NY Biomedical Researchers Call for Sustainable Sources of Funding

Advancement in medicine comes through collaboration, “And there needs to be a partnership between the federal government, the state governments and the research institutions (the academic medical centers) themselves to push this agenda forward.” – Jo Wiederhorn, President and CEO of the Associated Medical Schools of New York. Read more here.

A healthy investment

Jo Wiederhorn responds to a New York Daily News editorial: Investing in biomedical research is indeed smart (“Death by a thousand cuts,” editorial, May 18). As federal funding has declined, however, other states have recognized the wisdom of investing in research. California, Texas and Massachusetts are spending billions to grow their bioscience sectors, and are… Read More

WXXI News' Connections: Healthy Friday – Research Funding

State medical schools use a variety of funding sources for research, but officials are not getting as much money as they’d like in the state budget. Universities say this limits their ability to recruit and retain researchers. Jo Wiederhorn, President of the Associated Medical Schools of New York, took part in this interview which is… Read More

One-to-One with Sheryl McCarthy interview with Jo Wiederhorn

New York, with its remarkable range of health care facilities and options, still suffers from a shortage of doctors. An interesting cause of the shortage is that doctors are being poached – lured to other states offering higher salaries, more up-to-date facilities and funding for research. Watch the interview here.

WXXI News: NY Med Schools Ask Legislature to Invest in Retention of Top Biomedical Researchers

Medical Schools in New York State are asking the legislature to include $50 million for faculty development in the state budget. University leadership calls the NYSTAR Faculty Development Program an investment needed to grow programs that will attract high-profile entrepreneurial biomedical researchers. Jo Wiederhorn, President of the Associated Medical Schools of New York, says state… Read More